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We are the leading supplier of bulk chemicals in the greater Dallas TX. We provide the highest quality chemical distribution and

wholesale to our world class clients.

"When you do business with Lynx Chemical, our approach to supplying bulk chemicals

  with our clients is to provide superb quality products and a reliable partner you can trust."






Lynx Chemical, LLC entered the component and chemical distribution business in 2006. We have successfully expanded to become the world market leader in full-line component and chemical distribution.



Lynx Chemical is proud to be the global market leader in full-line ingredient and chemical distribution and your first choice for solutions to your product needs. Our company is dedicated to:

• Providing responsible distribution of raw materials and services

• Maintaining integrity in our business transactions

• Creating long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers

• Keeping in mind the best interests of our employees and the public

Each of our business entities and employees are responsible to act in strict compliance with the laws, policies, and regulations that govern our organization. Our Business Principles outline the expectations we expect our customers and suppliers will receive when conducting business with our company.



Our Vision" serves as a common guideline, which illustrates how we will position ourselves in the chemical distribution market in the long term in order to continue our successful development. It covers the following points:

• We are the safest chemical distributor striving for zero accidents and incidents.

• Throughout the world, we connect our customers and suppliers by providing the most effective industry channel.

• We are the global market leader in all our chosen markets and industries, offering the most professional sales & marketing organization in the industry, ensuring consistently high standards every day, everywhere.

• We strive to provide a working environment where the best people want to work.

• We generate sustainable and high returns for our shareholders and other stakeholders.




Lynx Chemical, LLC is committed to providing our customers with products and services through dedication to unparalleled quality distribution. To accomplish this goal, we recognize the need for synergy between our vendors and employees.

In order to meet and exceed the developing needs of our customers, we will focus on complementing our current lines with new products and services. Further, we will continue to expand our physical presence in the markets we serve to provide both our customers and vendors with a more efficient global partnership.



We are committed to integrity in our business transactions, in our dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors and towards our employees and the public.

As part of Lynx Chemical LLC, we have a personal responsibility to act in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of the laws, policies and regulations that This company is subject to.



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