Component  Supply

We can supply the entire line of containers and components for your product line. Our components always fit as well as coming in

under budget to save your manufacturing costs.

"When you do business with Lynx Chemical, our approach to supplying bulk chemicals

with our clients is to provide superb quality products and a reliable parter you can trust."


Component solutions

If you need a better solution to your product containers and plastic components we can supply you with all the answers you need and for an affordable price too.



Lynx Chemical are experts at chemical component supply because we can utilize our vast network of global contacts to bring down your costs.

We truly understand what a daunting task it can be to deal with some manufacturers and ensuring your component container parts have the correct form and fit functions that you truly must have to provide any kind of quality product to the end user. Our team is ready to take your bid request and bring you a competitive price on a container that will exceed the minimum quality standard.


Cost savings is always on your mind, and we get it. Companies have to find ways to improve their margins to stay competitive, however nobody ever wants the quality to be diminished. Our global supply chain of component manufacturers really wants your business and are ready to compete for it. We are confident that we can save you a significant sum on your component costs while never sacrificing the quality and compliance you need for your company.



Get a free quote on your component needs.

We have a global network of container suppliers we can easily tap into and solve some of your biggest challenges and save you money by lowering your manufacturing costs and increasing your bottom line.

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