Lynx Chemical is proud to be a global market leader providing chemical supply and distribution to many types of industries for their manufacturing needs.

We are fully committed to finding a cost effective solution for your products that will always meet or exceed the standard of quality you expect for your brand's success and overall satisfaction of the end user. Meeting your demands is our top priority because we build long term relationships with our clients and vendors and in a often challenging market, we strive to be a much easier solution for you than the competition.


We also offer full compliance standards to ensure the quality you are paying for is verifiable and traceable for any kind of spec requirements your specific chemical supplies may need to help keep your manufacturing quality at its highest too. Strict compliance with all laws, policies, and regulations are very important to us because our clients believe it's important as well.







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We have a global network of chemical supply chains we can easily tap into and solve some of your biggest problems while saving you money lowering your manufacturing costs and increasing your bottom line.

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Providing all of your bulk chemical supply needs right here in DFW.

We can help deliver your bulk chemicals for your product manufacturing and customize a long term solution for your chemical supply needs. This will increase your bottom line and ensure that you meet all compliance requirements.


Chemical supply solutions that work!

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Providing a full line of chemical distribution

solutions for manufacturers of different

kinds of products.

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